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Lukasz Zamaro is a cinematographer and photographer and a member of the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers (FNF). Born in Poland, he moved to Norway in 2011 and has continued to develop his career in Oslo. He completed "Expanded Cinematography" courses one and two at the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles, taught by the legendary cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond ASC and Yuri Neyman ASC. In 2014 and 2015, he participated in ASC Master Class in Los Angeles. In 2014, he started to collaborate with Hisham Zaman with the short film “The Boy in the Picture” and the medium-length “Hedda”. In 2016, he made his debut feature “Baba Vanga”. In 2018, he shot his first feature in Norway, “Knerten og Sjøormen”. In 2020, he collaborated with Izer Aliu and made the TV series “Jordbrukerne”. He was nominated twice for Best Cinematography in a Music Video at Camerimage Film Festival.

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