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Snowfall Cinema is an Oslo-based production company founded in 2015 by award-winning film director and producer Hisham Zaman. 

The purpose of the company is to make authentic films characterized by their high artistic quality and current, universal themes for national and international audiences.


Within a short time, the company developed and produced three films, the mid-length film HEDDA (2016) and the short films THE BOY IN THE PICTURE (2016) and HALF DOG (2019). Snowfall Cinema distributed all three films in Norway’s major arthouse cinemas, which rarely have shorts in their programs. The films were well received and garnered excellent reviews in the country's largest newspapers and magazines.


Snowfall Cinema is currently working closely with upcoming and established producers from the Norwegian and Scandinavian film industry and has several projects in development. A HAPPY DAY is Snowfall's first feature film in the cinemas and will have world premiere at the Toronto international film festival in 2023.

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Writer / Director


Film Consultant/

Associate Producer

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